Art Fashion Fair assumes a significant role in Romanian creative scene, providing a portal to the region’s most talented designers and artists. The exhibition presents an exceptional selection of works, including contemporary clothing, accessories, home deco and organic products, with a focus on original design, quality and inspiration for a sustainable future.

The event combines thoughtfully curated designer exhibitions with the coziest urban oasis (tasty urban food, healthy desserts, coffee & drinks), which reflects the fair’s commitment to making the visitor experience a dynamic one.

Ok, that’s the official statement of the event. It is, of course, a very accurate description of the concept, but behind the scenes, there’s so much more to it!

This was the first fair I attended as a jewelry designer, I showcased here my first collection – Amorphia . My first experience of standing behind a showcase with my own jewelry, trying to explain to a bunch of strangers what I meant when I made that ring 😀 … I’m not a people person, so it was a scary experience, with a potential to drive me off a field I was just entering. But to my surprise, it felt so good that I just decided, then and there, that I will attend every edition whenever possible. Because it feels like home. Like family.

The most important asset of Art Fashion Fair is the people.The curators. The organizers. The designers. And last, but not least, the visitors. This invisible, almost instantaneous connection between the people is the trademark of this fashion & lifestyle event.

Make sure not to miss the next one!