AUTOR is an exclusive scene for contemporary jewelry, concepts and encounters. It is the space where both functional and conceptual approaches to wearing jewlery can be seen and touched. In each edition the event is defining “the sweet spot” where design, art and emotions meet.

The selected artists explore different themes such as wearable versus statement pieces, cultural differences and meanings, authenticity and personal filter, accepted beauty and unusual aesthetics.

As a platform, AUTOR communicates on different levels and through various media: the fair, the printed magazine, the awards and a versatile digital arena.

Any newbie like me has to know that if you’re serious about contemporary jewelry, then you have be in AUTOR. It’s the only contemporary / art jewelry show in Romania and one of the 3 of the kind in Europe. Its most incredible achievement? It had successfully promoted the concept of contemporary, designer jewelry in a country way to keen on making a bargain, thus putting Romania on the European map on this niche. It has developed a refined audience for its showcased art pieces, to such extent that the jewelry aficionados expect out of breath each year’s event.

And that’s me, proud winner of the Krama Award!