Sterling Silver Acceptance Necklace

lei 855.00 lei 500.00

Sterling Silver Acceptance Necklace. Part of Five Stages of Grief Collection, this brooch is a symbol of the transformation following a loss.


The Sterling Silver Acceptance Necklace is part of my Five Stages of Grief Collection.  This one of a kind necklace is a symbol of the transformation stages following a loss. It mimics just the shape, not the volume of an apple, to highlight the complete transformation. I cast the trasparent blue resin in a brushed sterling silver setting, floating on a thin, sterling silver thread.

Acceptance is becoming something else. Something new. Mutation.


The Five Stages of Grief Collection was featured in Autor 2019 and also Joya Barcelona 2018 as part of Assamblage’s Remains of the Feast collective project.