The Sterling Silver Pebbles Earrings mimic natural shapes inspired by pebbles. Match it with other accessories from the same collection, like the Pebbles Bangle or the Pebbles Ring.

In the beginning it’s all simple.

You start from scratch and every pebble you pick up on the road is a diamond that fits perfectly in the puzzle, along with the rest of your everyday diamonds. Everything falls into place and you just build yourself, clean lines on a clean slate.
Some days you feel your work is done, you’re done, you’re whole, you’re perfect, You. But then you see that some of the pebbles you picked up started sprouting. You see, they were seeds in disguise and they fooled you into integrating them in the construction of You.

They grow buds and vines, and spread around, embrace you, transform you.
Into something, perhaps, more beautiful than you were. Definitely more complex. But it’s getting a bit hard to breathe. You get a glimpse of what’s happening – all those beautiful vines are actually breathing your air and feeding on you, and sooner or later there won’t be enough for all of you. You have to break free before they choke you to death.
And when you’re finally free, you find that, actually, they were the ones keeping you alive and not the other way around. 

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